“1.Facebook keeps ALL your data and never deletes it unless you tell them to!

When you deactivate your account, all your data is still there — unless you actually ask Facebook to delete it.

2. Facebook bothering you too frequently? You can configure where and what notification you receive.

What makes Facebook addictive and/or annoying — possibly too addictive and/or — are the constant notifications. You can turn them off now.

3. Tired of receiving annoying game/app requests from your friends? Block these apps to never see them ever again.

You can do that in your settings.

4. Did you know that search engines like Google and Yahoo! can display your profile page in their search results? You can disable this from privacy settings.

Reduce the chances of your boss, your ex or your soon-to-be boss or ex finding you by turning off this option.

5. Your profile photo and cover photos are always public and can be viewer – and downloaded – by anyone on Facebook.

We did a survey last year that found that 2 out of 10 Facebook users had had one of their images taken and reused without their permission. Anything you post on your social networks can be downloaded or copied so keep in mind that your profile and cover images can be seen and captured by anyone.”

via 5 things you need to know about Facebook privacy.

Thanks to Safe and Savvy