8 Hot Gadgets to Supercharge Your Summer

1.  GoPro HD Hero3
2.  Turtle Shell Boombox
3.  Stick-N-Find
4.  Specialized Turbo
5.  Revive PowerUp
6.  Samsung NX2000
7.  Grace Digital Eco XBT
8.  ZBoard

And now the quiz (for all you potential marketing geeks).  What are these bad boys anyway?
A. Skate Board
B. Bicycle
C. Car Charger
D. Digital Camera
E.  Bluetooth Speaker
F.  Speaker System
G. Child Locator
H. Video Recorder

Match and see how good YOU are at branding!

Thanks to Mashable

1-H, 2-F, 3-G, 4-B, 5-C, 6-D, 7-E, 8-A