My opinion about tablet size has been consistant since the start.  Smaller is better.


Because a tablet is NOT a laptop/MacBook or PC/Mac.  Look at any serious workstation in business and it usually sports multiple screens of the 22 inch variety.  Folks want screen real estate so they can easily get to all their stuff.

Along comes the tablet and it can’t be big enough to suit that need.  At all.  And when you get rid of the mouse AND keyboard and start pointing, your suddenly faced with a new animal.

And then there’s the smartphone with a 4″ screen, no mouse or external keyboard.

The result – at least for now – a size compromise somewhere between 10.5″ and 4.5″.  Voila, the Mini iPad.

Or is it a Kindle.  Hmmmm!

Thanks to Eric Savitz and Forbes
Apple: Report Suppliers Start Production On Mini iPad – Forbes