“Apple has been at the forefront of using privacy as a sales tool, but it won’t be the last. Encrypted phones, messaging apps that secure and delete conversations — nearly every major Internet service we use has been re-tooled in some way in response to what we know about how much everyone else knows. It only makes sense that the moribund privacy policy should get a makeover, as well.”

Watch for increasing sales and marketing hype from Apple and the other major device manufacturers about how their products protect your privacy.  But at the same time be more aware about how targeting information that comes to you reflects yours recent online activity and/or your likes and dislikes.

For some this may be welcome.  For this blogger, it is not.  I want the freedom to choose without being painted into a corner by the marketing analytics provided by big data.

Apple Updates And Expands Privacy Page With iOS 9, OS X Information

Thanks to TC