IoT and Wearables pose the greatest potential for success AND bust in the coming years.  We’ve always been “gadget” prone and quick to spend for the latest and greatest.  But long-term revenue success will be due to consumer habit former and changes they make to the usual routines.

That is why we refer to game changers and disruptive technologies.  A great example was the proliferation some years ago of “all-in-one” VCR TVs.  They were a great idea.  Just combine everything into one device.  But they never really caught on big.  Many manufacturers got onboard at the time, but the technology never became widespread.  People were more interested in large screen flat-panel devices and were just as happy with a separate device, many times made by a different manufacturer.  Curious.

So we’ll watch (no pun intended) with interest as the sensor-embedded devices and controllers come into our lives so that we can regulate our thermostats, monitor our blood sugar, and extend our smartphones to wrist and . . .

Apple Watch in the enterprise: Why Apple entered the fray on wearables and the Internet of Things | ZDNet

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