Don’t get me started.  Point in Time backup of a browser.  Come on!

I guess I need a rant today!

Haven’t you noticed that the browser IS a repository of many complex features?  But you also noticed that all of the plug-ins and some features suddenly don’t work after an update – which seems to happen regularly.

Now, I haven’t really looked under the covers of this new offering.  So I am willing to give it a break if it has a change log built-in as well as a means to determine if each of the vendors of the features are current with each new release of the browser update code. 

I would guess that depends on which browser, which vendor, what code.  Right?

You also probably have experienced that few of us really backup in a way that all the moving parts of the computer are backed-up AND synchronized so that when we restore, everything works.  Its always restore and then clean up.  Fetch this fetch that.  And it always takes hours, right?  At least at home.

Oh well.  The beat goes on.

Thanks to Fawad at Addictive Tips
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