Big Data is alive and well.  And so have been clipping services, mailing list providers, and other service bureaus for a long time.  This is nothing new, really.  Just because there are huge storage requirements and a need for training analysts doesn’t mean that the service, itself, is revolutionary.

What is important is still PRIVACY and identity protection.  This theme and reality faces all of us daily in our Internet lives.

I, for one, want that Big Data to be relevant, factual, and available with my permission.  At this point all three of those characteristics may be suspect.

“Players will include players like Lexis Nexis, Dun & Bradstreet as well as tech vendors who will suck in data and offer it as a service. Salesforce, IBM and others are also likely service providers.”

Thanks to Larry Dignan and ZDNet
Big data, analytics as a service: Likely boom on deck | ZDNet