“Cable operators like to pretend they’re blameless in soaring cable
hikes, but as we’ve noted consistently they too drive up costs (DVR
rentals, modem rentals, various fees) at every conceivable opportunity.
There’s really no “good guy” in this fight other than the consumer, and
even consumers aren’t blameless if they’re unwilling to do more than
complain about high prices.”

Cable, Broadcasters Feign Eagerness for TV Price Investigation – »

At a time when traditional broadacsting, the Internet, cable content, and new media forms like Netflix and Hulu are jockeying for public attention and revenues, the blurring lines of responsibility, compliance, and other forces will obfuscate – yes obfuscate – the real reasons for rising costs.

And the cellphone industry’s revenue models aren’t helping to make it any easier for consumers.  Yet they (we) continue to spend and spend and spend.

Thanks to Ethernut