Google and Viacom were able to prevail in suits brought on behalf of their children that alleged that cookies and other tracking methods endangered child.  The use of Big Data and other analytics and profiling methods are now common practice on the Internet.  In this case the issue seems to be the responsibility of parents …

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“Apple’s five year effort to radically enhance iOS app advertising with its own ad sales has now been scuttled. That opens the door for an even more radical rethinking of how to monetize apps and Internet services, one that is clearly differentiated from the incessant adware associated with Android, Windows and the open web.” This …

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“In its annual letter to shareholders on Thursday, the search giant said it will move away from ‘devices’ and go push aggressively into the worldof artificial intelligence.” Google always seems to figure out new ways to innovate.  Hats off! Google says it will prioritize artificial intelligence – Memphis Business Journal Thanks to Memphis Business Journal

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“The new “Send to my phone” feature works with iOS and Android, includingtablets as well as phones. This will be a useful addition for searcherswho routinely look up a location on their computer that they will then need to access later on their mobile device.” Nice to get something useful for a change! Send Places …

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This one slipped by with small notice, probably because it lacks the controversy that usually accompanies the daily news fluff. But it may be an important stake in the future of technology and innovation.  Either that or Brin and Page are just aging like the rest of us. Alphabet Thanks to Larry Page and Google

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 Its great to see that Google – and hopefully others – are beginning to take privacy and the security of personal data on the Internet seriously. Google makes it easier to control your personal data and privacy – CNET Thanks to CNET

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The symbiotic relationships  between the Social Media giants continue to ebb and flow.  The great question that remains is where will it end-up:  Merger – Divorce – Collaboration. The Trending on Google Plus moniker has yet to evolve.  Find it on Twitter is nearly impossible, hashtags notwithstanding. YouTube is immediate, but not lexical like Twitter. …

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Not that we all are investors, but this post details some of the important strategies that “free” services can employ to monetize.  Obviously, Facebook has gotten the right idea after going public a few years ago. Here’s Why Investors Love Facebook Over Google And Amazon – Business Insider Thanks to Business Insider

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And the next step for Google is the companion app, “Just Do It” that translates road signs and compels the driver to obey the speed limit.  We’re becoming soooooo technified! Google picks up incredible visual translation app Word Lens and makes it free – TechRepublic Thanks to TechRepublic

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“With the introduction of the Android L platform (as the next version of that operating system’s tentatively being called), Google wants to be a part of everything you do — with technology, at least. Whether it’s swiping through Google Now on your smartphone, dismissing notifications on your smartwatch, using voicesearch to find a movie on …

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