This one slipped by with small notice, probably because it lacks the controversy that usually accompanies the daily news fluff. But it may be an important stake in the future of technology and innovation.  Either that or Brin and Page are just aging like the rest of us. Alphabet Thanks to Larry Page and Google

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Many of us baby boomers can see that “old dogs don’t know new tricks” when it comes to understanding and leveraging the power of digital in the twenty first century.  And there are countless examples of failure among those with the means to pull it off, but without substance or any popular adoption of the …

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The bad news is tight budgets.  More bad news is more delays on innovation.  And even more is a predicted fewer IT employers, at least in the largest organizations. The good news for the bottom line is that IT related activity is being distributed throughout other departments of the organization. This is a prediction to …

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