Updating an update does seem a bit redundant or could be recursive.  But  glad that MS and others are on top of the problem.  Just hope that the rumors about nefarious activity against Iran are false.  Time will tell. Microsoft Will Update Windows Update to Stymie Flame-like Attacks

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For now its just another predictable case of cyber crime that we’ve grown used to expecting. the Internet generally and social media companies specifically have to get better at protecting YOUR identity and information that ultimately could seriously impair many of the digital services that some require to make an honest living. Millions of LinkedIn …

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Let’s try not to focus on the obvious competition between  Microsoft and Google as the motive for providing default do not track (DNT) capability in their new browser.  Instead we, users, must applaud the move to put control over rampant marketing and advertising use of OUR information without our permission.   I hope that we can …

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Now we finally know who is in charge – Advertisers.  Well, what did you expect?  Time is coming for consumer pay-per-click or maybe “gated” internet communities with guards.  We’ve got great historical models for ways to separate ourselves from commercial intrusions.  Pay TV anyone? MediaPost Publications DAA: Ad Industry Might Ignore IE10 Do-Not-Track Requests 06/04/2012

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OK!  The gloves are now off.  To suggest that bandwidth usage is a measure of anything significant is ridiculous! What we want – what we’ve always wanted – is access to technology, information, and resources.  To suggest that watching streaming video – THE bandwidth hog – is more important than just getting information is stupid, …

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