I wouldn’t take this news to the bank just yet, but CIOs as a group are expected to make responsible, cost-effective business recommendations to the rest of the C-Suite as a matter of practice.  BYOD is here to say and the next big event to watch would seem to be the success (or failure) of Microsoft’s surface tablet and the movement away from the desktop and laptop itself.  Don’t hold your breath though.

In my experience these kinds of systemic changes take a lot longer than many people predict.  But the growth of VDI and virtual office devices is another possibility.

Stay Tuned!

Thanks to Steve Ranger and Tech Republic
CIOs predict the death of the PC and the desk phone | TechRepublic


  1. Ray Causey

    I sure do enjoy my paperless office! Ha!!

  2. So its not wallpaper, just walldata.

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