“Apple’s officially off the hook: A federal court order that
would have required the company to help the FBI hack into an iPhone—to
build the “software equivalent of cancer,” in the words of Apple CEO Tim
Cook—has been taken off the table. A case that threatened to travel all
the way to the Supreme Court has been dropped.
lawyers and engineers may have poured a celebratory beer or two last
night, but they probably aren’t yet popping the champagne. That’s
because the reprieve will likely prove only temporary—and the issues
that the long court fight have dug up over the last month and a half
could continue to haunt Apple for some time.”
It would have been so much simpler and cooperative if Apple had just said, OK! We’ll gladly assist with the lawful prosecution of a terrorist.  But Apple is Apple.

Condolences to Apple for its Big Win Against the FBI – The Atlantic

Thanks to The Atlantic