Dell flexes its muscle – Again.  For those of you new to the idea of virtualization – imagine that your applications AND operating system (O/S) don’t live on your computer.  Instead, it is just a display and communications device that reaches out over your WiFi or broadband connection to a powerful central “server” that holds your individual “image” – your own desktop and saved profile.  This just means that the cost of the device itself will be less – thinner hardware and fewer licenses.  You share the  cost for your slice of the server, which is also more cost effective. The really cool part for you is that whenever the O/S changes or applications need updating, those tasks happen automatically (with your permission of course).  Then your just left with figuring out how to navigate the new stuff – but you have to do that with a new computer anyway these days.

Dell Completes Acquisition of Cloud Client Computing Leader Wyse Technology – MarketWatch