Department of Defense Contractors Gain New Whistleblower Protections | SecurityWeek.Com

June 2013 has been the month of the whistle blower, at least in the US media.  With suspected spy, Eric Snowden, feverishly trying to elude capture and extradition, adding protections to US Defense Contractors is particularly timely.  Whether it will prevent or enable further breaches is a matter of speculation.    Only time will tell.

“While it changes nothing about NSA leaker Eric Snowden’s situation, the Pentagon has said that new whistle blower protections for Department of Defense (DoD) contractors will go into effect July 1. So starting Monday, many of the existing loopholes will be closed, but it isn’t clear if this will help stem the flow of information to the public form connected insiders.
Department of Defense Cyber Rules of Engagement
The timing of the announcement would normally be suspect, but according to a published notification the Fiscal Year 2012 NDAA directed several changes be made to the existing rules governing Contractor Whistleblower Rights.”

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