Ever wonder how Google has exploded into a World Internet giant?  Its a simple two-word answer, advertising revenue.  When newspaper publishers of the 19th century discovered that local merchants were interested in putting ads in their publications, the advertising era began.  As various types of media content were born, radio, television, outdoor, direct mail, bus bench, and a host of others, the owners of the outlet channel were able to leverage their influence among readers and viewers to display, embed, or otherwise include advertisers messages into their media.  Google has taken the same idea and exploded it into a fascinating web of display opportunities by selling the advertising “space” and also attracting viewers (Internet users) with their well publicized Google search algorithms.  So they have it both ways, putting out the messages AND attracting viewers.  This business model takes the traditional television advertising model which is only one way – putting out the message once – at a scheduled time and date and multiplying it to appear in millions of places – albeit to fewer individual viewers at any given moment.

The result is astonishing revenue opportunities and profits because Google and a host of other wannabe companies are willing to share these revenues with millions of Internet publishers and users simultaneously.