Stories are circulating of people having iPhones ripped out of their hands by thieves.  Obviously the $400+ street resale price tag makes them a ready target.  But purse snatching has been going on for centuries.  Certainly we all need to exercise care when flaunting our digital bling.

Now that the new iPhone is touting its new digital wallet features, it seems that there may been an even greater motivation and risk for the user, especially at gift giving times like Christmas.  And how will we handle those gift cards and tickets?

I haven’t had time, yet to test drive the iPhone 5 to determine how well the security and identity management will work for the new capabilities. I would hope that as soon as a bad guy tries to use the phone, it self-destructs like the devices in a Mission Impossible movie.  But that might be wishful thinking.

Thanks to Caitlin McGary and MacWorld
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