More on Bring Your Own Device – which is really a euphemism for “can I use my iPad at work”, especially if I work for the government.  During these tough economic times I doubt many agencies will sort out the risk and expense of integrating any IOS or Android device into their secure systems, at least for rank and file employees.  Whether cloud data services or SaaS become standards for Federal, State, or Local government adoption remains to be seen.  My prediction is that the cost savings plus the potential compartmentalization of low-level data in the cloud will enable BYOD to expand in government.  Not research, just a gut feeling.

Is BYOD Really the Future of Mobile Devices for Government? | FedTech Magazine

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  1. I think you're spot on. BYOD cuts costs and as long as everyone moves to a SaaS model you don't need to store data on the device. Just use a browser to access everything. If you'd like to see a video of how easily all of this is accomplished please ping me back.


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