This week’s announcement of the $250 million purchase of the Washington Post by Jeff Bezos, the founder of, marks another turning point in the digital revolution and the erosion of the dominance of print media.

The Post, once custodian of “truth” and important values in politics, business, and American life, is now being reshaped by the man who has helped revolutionize the way we shop and get much of our print information.  Amazon’s “Kindle” is the most popular digital content “reader” that can be used to download content of many kinds so that it can be read, much like a magazine or newspaper.

The future impact of this sale is still to be realized, but a mark has been made on traditional editorial control of information, and the stewardship of the values that have been shaped and fostered by such a process, has passed from the Graham family to Bezos.

Like change of all kinds, many people will grumble, some will applaud, but I will watch carefully, in case the change erodes or threatens my view of right and wrong.  I predict that he will do the right thing because that is the way, thus far, he has managed the evolution of Amazon.

Thanks to Colin MacKinnon