Kingston Ships 128GB Wi-Fi Drive for Android, iOS Devices

I guess that there’s just not enough internal storage on Android and iOS devices or Dropbox just isn’t a viable alternative.  Enter the Kingston WiFi drive with 32,64,or 128GB of storage for both you and the rest of your friends and family within WiFi distance of the drive.

My guess is that there will be all kinds of creative uses for this kind of storage.

But, I am still scratching my head on this one.  You see, I have a wired 2TB drive attached to my LAN at home, the same place where my WiFi access point is available.  Duh?

Oh, I forgot, iPhones are dependent upon that whole iTunes thing and additional 6400 songs and 6000 pictures is a must for some of us. 

Thanks to Tom’s Hardware

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  1. After all that, I bought one yesterday as a Christmas gift for a relative. You see, he's run out of storage on his 32GB iPhone, is a composer and owns a huge library of music that he wants to have with him all the time.

    Go figure! I was just wrong. Sorry!

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