Desperate.  No.

Smart.  Yes.

Microsoft may be struggling in the eyes of public opinion, but last quarter, citizens of the world spent more than $26B on Microsoft products.  And the tech giant put more than $6B to their bottom line.

Does that sound like a desperate company.

No.  And as has been the case with each of their operating system options, they seem to blow it with revisions that succeeded their winners:  Remember Millenium followed Windows 98, Vista followed XP, and Windows 8 followed Windows 7.

This tech writer and user has warmed – ever so slightly – to Windows 8, but only after adding back the start button function and minimizing Metro.

So the rumored changes AND free upgrade would be an excellent move to get millions of people back in the fold,

Microsoft may do the unthinkable to make you dump XP, Vista and Windows 7 – Yahoo News

But to presume that Microsoft can make up ground on the likes of Apple and Android, especially in the tablet market adds another  level of skepticism.

Thanks to Yahoo News