“Microsoft’s latest mission statement to be a “devices and services company focused on empowering customers in the activities they value most” is a bit mushy by design. Microsoft is a tech conglomerate of multiple billion dollar companies. There’s no way a new CEO—internal or external—will know every one of those businesses well. Consider:

Google is search and ads.

Amazon is commerce and cloud.

Apple is hardware, software and ecosystem.

Microsoft is a work in progress.

The new CEO will have to take on a transformation started by a guy leaving and better define Microsoft. Should Xbox be spun off? Do Microsoft’s consumer and enterprise businesses really go together? Does Microsoft need to be more about corporate software where it is doing very well? What is Windows going forward? Is Microsoft a cloud company first and foremost?”

An answer like “all of the above” probably isn’t sufficient.

via Microsoft’s new CEO will have tougher road than Ballmer | ZDNet.

Thanks to ZDNet