Duh?  This should be no surprise to anyone caught up in the move to tablets, phablets, and smartphones that give you 75% of the functionality of a PC or laptop.  And by spending at least 25% of my waking hours at home or in an office, the availability of a desktop system easily provides the functionality mssing from the newest mobile devices.

And the statistical inertia of such announcements certainly comes mainly from the consumer market – since they have the purchasing power to drive adoption of newer technology.  Those who use industrial strength applications, especially those that depend upon legacy Windows server and desktop OSes will continue to feed the mobile market for years to come.  Not to worry.

Mobile PC market suffers worst Q2 performance in over a decade: IHS | ZDNet

And then there’s newer low price alternatives like the Chromebook.  $249 anyone?

Thanks to : IHS | ZDNet