Don’t act so surprised.  In case you didn’t notice, Microsoft woke up last year and realized three things:  That IE was too tightly integrated with Windows, that Big Data was important, and that they were seriously behind Apple iStore and Google PlayStore.

“Patches for Internet Explorer 11 and Edge went out on Tuesday this week, but most older versions of Internet Explorer did not receive the same update. If you’re using Vista, then IE9 is ok for now, but that’s the oldest version that has had any tweaks to it. 7 and 8 are the Wild West now with plenty of unperformed fixes that leave users vulnerable to attack.”

The good news is that Windows 10 seems really stable when compared to the early versions of Windows 8.  But you will need to get used to the same hawking and “buy me” nuisances that you get with free Smartphone apps and companies like Amazon. 

Old Internet Explorer Versions now More Vulnerable Than Ever | Digital Trends
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