“If you’re a Mac owner, you’ll be glad to know that Parallels 11 is here.
The company has just released Parallels 11, and it packs Windows 10
support and more. Just like the previous versions of the software,
you’re still able to use Windows 10 inside OS X Yosemite (full support
for El Capitan will be available later). However, one of the most
interesting features of Parallels 11 is the ability to use Cortana right
on your OS X desktop. Yep, you can use Cortana on your Mac just by
triggering the personal assistant with the voice command “hey Cortana”. “

Welcome to Windows 10 for the Mac owner.  And the price for parallels is $50-$90 more than the price for Windows 10 (which is currently free)

Parallels 11 gets released, brings Cortana to the Mac – Microsoft News

Thanks to Microsoft News