Just when it seems that a company like Nokia would roll over and disappear, we read of their potential rise.  And rising with Microsoft at their side? Either we – CONSUMERS – are loyal or else we are really fickle.  I am siding with the fickle option if only that it describes ME. 

Although I have stayed away from Apple – for a variety of reasons that go back a long way, I have had Microsoft moments, Linux moments, Android moments, Motorola moments (more than once), Samsung moments (but just once), Blackberry moments.  The list goes on and on.

Why is that?  Well, I used to accept – without even knowing – the Western Electric black telephone handset on the desk (and then the wall).  It was only later in life that I discovered that Western Electric was a division of the Phone Company.  We were that way back then when it was all a monopoly.

Times have changed – radically.  We deregulated telecommunications as we knew it in 1972 and the rest is history.

Of course many of you readers weren’t alive then – do the Math if you’re under 40.  Either way – older like me or younger like many, the choices for our technology abound, in ways I certainly never dreamed. But those choices now make us fickle, right?

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