Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Is Great But No iPhone Killer

Its always hard to tell whose payroll smartphone reviewers are on.  I do have an Android bias, but finding a neutral third-party review of anything seems almost impossible.

That said, this is the first review of the Samsung S4 that I’ve seen. For obvious reasons, as the phone was just released to the public today.

The only statement with which I take issue is the phablet comment.  Its great that there are people who can afford an iPhone and an iPad.  I can’t.  I just have to settle for second best, I guess, with a Galaxy Note 2 AND a Galaxy Tab at a total outlay of $400.  I could probably function with only the phablet.

And, by the way, the upgrade from Microsoft for Windows 8 is $35.  What?

Thanks to Lance Ulanoff and Mashable