And we’ve made such a flap about NSA snooping.  But the rules change inside the corporate firewall.  Right?

The issues are the same, though.  And the difference in values between the executive suite of a domestic or multi-national corporation and the leaders of a cybercrime or international terrorist network is vast – so vast as to be really dangerous.

The suits are protecting stakeholder money and their own financial security.  The bad guys are protecting their ideology and culture from the influence of the suits.  At least that’s a simplistic way of looking at it.

Either way, the threat to personal privacy or Internet freedom is an issue that all participants in the conversation need to consider.

The lack of a conversation is the first place to start – on both fronts inside the corporation and in the terrorist and criminal camps.

Cisco, H-P Use Shadow IT as a Roadmap – The CIO Report – WSJ.


Thanks to The CIO Report – WSJ