I never would have guessed.  But that’s probably obvious since I am not a Teen anymore.  You Tube has always been line a book that was chopped up into pieces without the means of re-assembling them.  Incomplete thoughts.  Unfinished sentences.

But to our youth, such things are stimulating and, I guess,interesting.  Like the cat that leaps to grab the feather at then end of the stick.  Cute.  For a moment.

My curiosity is about where it might eventually lead.  We’ve had cinema for more than 100 years and the means to complete visual thoughts and ideas HAS come to the masses.  But will the cinematic model survive or is there some type of snippits and tidbits that will become more appealing.

I suspect it may be more about value.  Consider:

The spoken word was augmented by the printing press in the fourteenth century, which extended ideas and thoughts to other, more distant people and transcended the span of space and time.  Oral tradition continued, but in a more limited sense.  But that’s history now.

The value of language (literacy) is contained within the spoken and written word, but it has not passed, yet, into the visual, YouTube notwithstanding. (forget “visual literacy” please)

Stampede Of Teens: What YouTube’s Convention Taught Me About Its Culture Of Superfans – ReadWrite

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