Yesterday we noted that Apple is again tracking iOS6 devices for marketing and “Big Data” purposes.  And today we have the same activity reported from Verizon  who are tracking Android devices.

I really hope that the tactics that invade our privacy and, potentially security continue to become more public and get some attention from consumers.  At this pont it seems that most people just don’t care or else they have not suffered any ill effects from the activity.

If you thought you were being stalked or suspected that someone was observing you or your property – for whatever reason – you would call the police.  Right?

Now we are not opposing tracking itself.  We only want the opportunity for users to “opt in” or “opt out” with a clear understanding for what purposes the resulting data is used

Please see Internet Bill or Rights

How is tracking any different?

Thanks to the Huffington Post
Verizon’s ‘Precision Market Insights’ Data Mining Policy Raising Privacy Concerns

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  1. Anonymous

    "collects data information from iOS and Android users, based on geographic location gleaned from apps and sites being accessed. Verizon plans to continue to share that information with potential advertisers"

    I personally do not mind at all. AS LONG as the potential advertisers do NOT EVER IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM contact or spam me. If they do. I will simply fax them to their normal phone line (800 toll free # and NOT a fax#) and let the fax call over and over. It would call, get a human voice and it would try again till it got a fax tone which basically would be 1 or 2 times a minute, over a 100 times an hour. I'd let it go 24 hours a day 7 days a week on my fax line that I rarely use anyways for a few months. Then when they call me to see what is going on and what's the deal. I will tell them, well since you legally obtain my info and called me, this his how I operate, you can commit suicide or I can come over there, since I have your full info as well and do some very SADDISTIC physical harm to you.

    I know VERY few people would even do what I mentioned, but then again if everyone did it, maybe Verizon would possibly think twice about sharing our personal info with potential advertisers

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