Just when we’ve begun to get a handle on Cloud Computing, one of the major telecommunications carriers has come up with an even more mysterious term, Uppernet.  I guess that we’ve got to credit the marketing department with the new idea.  Now, understand, this technology pro doesn’t yet have a clue about what they are getting at or trying to reach.  Maybe its left as a mystery to get curious bloggers like me to write silly articles about it that pose serious questions or even poke fun at the term.

Whoever credited Al Gore with inventing the Internet probably had something to do with creating the Uppernet.  The term smacks of a higher purpose or loftier goals – in our dreams, of course.  For now, though, I am going to presume that it refers to higher income brackets and folks who can afford to spend more of their hard-earned on bandwidth so that profits can grow “higher”.

Please comment if you will about your notions of just what Uppernet may be!


  1. I just saw a Verizon commercial about the newest cloud that reaches everywhere, the UPPERNET. Still unsure what it is though.

  2. The cat's out of the bag. It looks like Verizon's promotion of new business Internet services. Its probably Amazon envy though! Stay Tuned.

  3. Anonymous

    whoever wants to store their personal information on a cloud or so called uppernet is a fool for letting industries take their money from them and being dumb enough to believe their information will be stored safely

  4. Anonymous

    I gather from the script of the commercial, it is to say that the technology, standards, global locations, reliability, security, etc. is what all other clouds strive to be.

  5. Anonymous

    What agency did this commercial? Does anyone know?

  6. Anonymous

    With the acquisition of Terremark, VZ has created a global cloud (IaaS) product. Combined with the VZ international footprint, the company has created a secure and resilient platform designed for government agencies, enterprise customers or corporations with applications that cannot afford to go down.

    The "Uppernet" is a term used to highlight the quality of VZ's product. Their data centers are impressive…such as the NAP of Americas of the NAP of the Capitial (google them) plus 50+ others. This is not a consumer based product…

  7. It may not be a consumer based product, but the ecosystem of Infrastructure as a Service components will ultimately affect consumers, if only as small pieces of the services that they purchase or use for free – like mobile apps downloads, social media picture storage, etc. So far, many of these resources are hidden from view – for perfectly good reasons. In the future though, we may require more transparency – like an ingredients list on a candy bar.

  8. Anonymous

    VZ's cloud enables transparency and is the most secure…before the high level cloud providers, data was stored in old coat closets or poorly designed data centers.

    VZ cloud is like explaining to your grandfather why it makes sense to store his money in a bank, rather than his mattress. The best IaaS providers are extremely transparent, enable carrier (Internet) neutrality, and provide an unprecedented level of security.

  9. Brad

    I'll tell you what that means. It means Verizon is saying that they can provide 24/7 services FAR better than anyone else, and as such it can't be classified as the Internet, but something "above" it. In other words they're trying to say they're so well set in the Internet's infrastructure that they are everywhere and nowhere, and they got there before anyone else did.

    I think it's a lofty claim but I'm merely a network operations tech.

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