More changes from Microsoft for Windows 10.  And if you read between the lines, Microsoft continues to leverage its Surface platform (to compete head-on with Apples Mac graphics machines), its Mobile (see Nokia) smartphone platform, and more importantly its “Store” site for the acquisition of free apps (today) and future apps (for purchase).

The importance to Microsoft for monetizing future programs and features installed on its operating systems cannot be underestimated.  The big question is how will users work these expenses into their budgets. It would seem to imply that there is some magical added value to consumers over and above the “fun” that surrounds most device use today.  Hopefully (for Microsoft) larger numbers of users will be able to move from fun to productivity (maybe Privacy, identity, and security features).  So far the jury is out on these.

 What You Need To Know about Windows 10 Creators Update | The Cloud Is Huge 2.0

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