It looks like 2016 will be the year that the struggle between consumer privacy advocates and government regulators will heat-up.  The current risk is that governments around the world are seeking regulations that give them access to YOUR identity without asking your permission.  This is being accomplished by imposing new regulations on ISP registrations and encryption keys.

SafeJunction is a US-based start-up which is releasing new privacy products in 2016 that will protect you from these possibilities.  But you will have to be willing to validate your identity (bank account, address of record, and optional biometric data) and prove that your citizenship and motives are mainstream.  And SafeJunction WILL comply with lawful requests for customer data.   As long as your privacy needs are lawful, SafeJunction will provide you access to their technologies.

When it comes to Internet security and privacy, the public remains confused – EconoTimes

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