The difference between Cloud and Grid computing is probably not important to the average small business or consumer.  Its only when there is an enterprise requirement for on-demand scalability that a grid system may provide a solution.  Fortunately many hosting companies already have a grid solution as a part of their infrastructure.  Options like Computer Associates (CA) Applogic from provide similar functionality.

Why Cloud Computing Is Better Than Grid Computing | – Cloud Computing Community

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  1. These two systems are both effective methods of managing IT-related work activities. They just have different working environments. Cloud computing works in a virtual environment, while grid computing works in a shared environment of distributed administrative domains. However, cloud computing is the more preferred method of managing IT-related processes right now because it allows for immediate scalability and flexibility. There is no need to purchase hardware or floor space to expand because the information can be stored directly in the crown, in the dedicated servers of cloud computing service providers.

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