“When it comes to social business and the art and science of integrating social technologies and processes with the goal of using them to become more human, better connect with and serve clients and the larger ecosystem there is much danger in only focusing on the tools and technology.

Why you ask? Because regardless how cool or shiny the technology is, it is humans that will use it. It’s humans that will run it.

Yes, we need measurement tools. We need data. We need integrated platforms that work for us 24/7 even when we’re not working. Our websites must be mobile responsive. We have approximately 10 seconds or less when someone visits our website or blog to impress them enough to stick around. If we don’t they’ll click away to somewhere else, that usually being a competitor.

Our content must be easily consumed on iPads, iPhones, Kindles, Androids, tablets, desktops and everything in between.”

via Why You Can’t Put Tools & Technology Before Humans in Social Business #BeHuman | The Marketing Nut.

Social Media has become THE 21st Century phenomena. Understanding the dynamics of online behavior and its connection to the technology itself is a study worth undertaking. And the inquiry has already begun. The results are still ahead of us.


Meanwhile, we text, friend, blog, tweet, pin, scoop, and at a pace that seemingly defies gravity.

Thanks to Pam Moore

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